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Create a blog with Next.js and MDX

Create a new site

Start by creating a new site using create-next-app.

npx create-next-app blog

Once this is completed, you should see the following file structure:

├── pages
│ ├── api
│ │ └── hello.js
│ ├── _app.js
│ └── index.js
├── public
│ ├── favicon.ico
│ └── vercel.svg
├── styles
│ ├── globals.css
│ └── Home.module.css
├── .gitignore
├── package.json
└── yarn.lock

Add next-mdx

Let's add next-mdx to our project. From the root of your new site (cd blog), run the following command:

yarn add next-mdx

Configure next-mdx

For next-mdx to know where and how to fetch MDX content, we use a configuration file.

Create a file named next-mdx.json at the root of your site and add the following:

"post": {
"contentPath": "content/posts",
"basePath": "/"

What we're doing here is telling next-mdx:

  1. We have a post type.
  2. The MDX files are located under content/posts.
  3. Use / as the base path for generating URLs.

Hint: if you want to show blog posts under /blog/title-of-post, use /blog for the basePath.

Create [...slug].jsx

Let's create a page to display a blog post.

Create a file named [...slug].tsx under the pages directory with the following content.

import { useHydrate } from "next-mdx/client"
import { getMdxNode, getMdxPaths } from "next-mdx/server"
export default function PostPage({ post }) {
const content = useHydrate(post)
return (
{post.frontMatter.excerpt ? <p>{post.frontMatter.excerpt}</p> : null}
<hr />
export async function getStaticPaths() {
return {
paths: await getMdxPaths("post"),
fallback: false,
export async function getStaticProps(context) {
const post = await getMdxNode("post", context)
if (!post) {
return {
notFound: true,
return {
props: {

This is all we need to fetch and render MDX content.

Add a blog post

To add blog posts, create your MDX files under content/posts. Example: content/posts/title-of-post.

title: Title of Post
excerpt: A sample blog with MDX content.
This is the blog content.

View your post

That's it. To view your new post, visit http://localhost:3000/title-of-post.

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